Senior Citizen Political Junkmail: The Social Security Roll Call

For reasons well beyond my understanding (that likely relate to Algorithms), I find myself on the receiving end of quite a bit of conservative political junk mail.  It’s your bog standard “Trump is amazing, the Lib-ruhls are trying to ruin the country, give us money so we can stop them!” stuff.  But that’s not all I get.

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2018-12-03 by Aaron

Paper bricks? I’m intrigued.

Actually, I think trying to find a network of folks from all over the US to document the political junk mail might be quite an interesting project. Just from a purely historical perspective, since I doubt much or any of it gets saved anywhere, even in libraries. Maybe we should make it a law that every political video/ad/junk mail needs to have a copy submitted to the Library of Congress along with who paid for it and who produced it and such. Add the LoC doing a nice metadata/searchable stuff, and even your local elections might reveal some pretty interesting things about people.

2018-12-03 by Russell Graves

Paper bricks are something like this: How I Make Quick and Easy Newspaper Bricks for Burning in My Fire - Dengarden

I don’t have a biomass heater for the house yet, so they’re of limited use to me right now. But, eventually, I’ll probably heat with junk mail.

If I create a separate junk mail blog, it’s easy enough to add submitters to it. Interested in posting junk mail?