Shipping Container Hanging Shelves (and my recycling system)

You can never have too many shelves.  A while back, I built some shelves for the end of my shipping container.  Recently, I’ve built hanging shelves for the side of my shipping container - and then built some for our church’s shipping container as well!

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2019-06-24 by Aaron

So I’m definitely going to take your shelves for inspiration for my BM Camp. In July I’m heading there with some campmates to move into our 20’ container (gets delivered and picked up from the Playa!). At first we’ll just put stuff in there, it’s mostly poles and bins and such, so shouldn’t need much to secure it. But your first shelves you did that are just secured in the grooves are something I’m going to look at doing. Problem is this thing WILL be moved around some, so I might just rent a MIG welder and weld in a few bits of steel scrap to hold shelves and such into place, rather than drilling through and bolting. And then doing some kind of strap or front block for the shelves to make sure things don’t shift much. And then do that also for the poles we use for shade structures. As it is, most of the stuff is reasonably tough, but for next year I do want to try and make it more organized and “this thing will be moved around” proofed.

Also going to try and grab a few OK condition free/super-cheap couches to toss in there =D

2019-06-26 by Russell Graves

If you’re welding, you’ll need to repaint the interior and exterior - I’d look into using the already-welded-in hooks to secure your shelves. That’s going to be far less work. You could also use some construction adhesive where the wood presses into the container to help add strength - but I don’t think the shelves will go anywhere if you press them into place firmly.

Isn’t “paying to have a 20’ container delivered to BM and then picked up from it later” rather against the spirit of BM?

2019-06-27 by Aaron

True, but a bit of spot painting shouldn’t be too big a deal. I’ll have to see once we get there, depends on where all the hooks are. I just worry given that things will be moving, so I’d want to go ALL in on making sure it’s secure and stuff won’t fly everywhere.

And…not exactly against the spirit. It gets complicated when you start talking camp infrastructure, or folks traveling long distances or camps traveling long distances. So you start looking at how is it that much different than a camp storage unit and then renting a camp box truck, loading it up, going in, then the reverse on the way out? It’s a bit different, but not that much. It’s when you especially start talking getting big RVs delivered to the camp, generators and A/C, all your meals cooked for you, etc, etc. The later is what they’re really trying to cut out and what really is toxic to the event.

Simply having an easier time getting stuff to and from the Playa, as well as having more storage space (yay real couches!) is not really against the spirit. We’re still building our own camp, we’re still offering events, home space, good people, camp kitchen, etc. We’re not having a cook and sherpas and all that.