Slow, Dumb Charging: Quit Charging for EV Charging!

What if EV charging was free?  What if, in many cases, it’s literally better to just install free chargers than to bother with managing payment?  As EV chargers continue to get installed and EVs continue to grow, we see a variety of approaches to charging.  The space is still new, and still growing - so I’d like to propose an alternative to “the default” that accomplishes the goal of increasing EV charging options, without costing nearly as much - and, in the deal, making it even easier to own an EV!

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2020-04-27 by Lance

Excellent overview of the trade offs between slow dumb charging stations and fast expensive ones. I’m leaning towards the slow dumb ones at this juncture.

2020-04-27 by Russell Graves

Thanks! I’m trying to get ahead of the “Of course we must have charging middlemen and expensive charging!” curve that we seem to be on. Not that I expect it will make much of a difference…

2020-05-01 by Anonymous

I wonder if anybody has ever done a simple coin op EV charger, 25C an hour?

2020-05-01 by Russell Graves

I considered it before I went with EVMatch for the church charger. I’m mostly concerned about the appeal of a coin-op bin sitting outside - even if there’s nothing in it.

2020-05-20 by EugeneGTI

Love the idea. Currently driving about 20 miles a day and my apartment complex parking spot has a 40a 240v charger. An overkill, thus I schedule to start charging at 4am to get me to 60% battery. I like your approach, and i think for low distances and dumb EVs, even an Alexa programmable plug would be great to optimize off-peak and target SOC level.
Would love to hear your thoughts on reported Tesla bi-directional hardware and Autobidder…