Solar 2020 Part 1: Office Concrete Footings & Side Rails

Well, a year or so late, I’m starting a set of posts on the new solar installs for the property, probably interleaved with posts about other things as well.

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2020-06-06 by EricGu

Thanks, I always enjoy your articles…

Pro tip on footings: build your frame and block it up in the air with temporary supports exactly where you want it to go. Hang a post from it, and then attach a connector like the simpson epb44 underneath so it hangs into the footing space. Check that everything is where you want it, and the pour the concrete. After the concrete is set, take away the temporary supports, and everything will be perfect.

2020-06-06 by Russell Graves

Huh. That’s an idea! A bit late to do that for the house frames, and I’ve got a construction mechanism that relies on having the posts in place first (so I don’t have to build a 40’ set of side beams and drag them into place), but that would work for some future projects - thanks!

2020-06-08 by carl

that looks hurricane-proof. do you get strong winds where you live?

2020-06-08 by Russell Graves

Not hurricane scale winds, but we’ve had some microbursts that ripped stuff up pretty well.

Practically, my initial panel mounts held up to that, but I just want something that I don’t have to worry about for the rest of my life.