Solar 2020 Part 7: Inverters, Conduit, and AC Wiring

This week, I’ll be focusing on the side-of-house part of the install - inverters, combiners, and into the meter box!

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2020-09-27 by EricGu

My wire-pulling tips:

1) Tie a small piece of paper to a string, stuff it in the conduit at one end, and pull it through with a shop vac.
2) Use lube. Really; it makes things so much easier.

2020-09-28 by Russell Graves

I used the string-and-plastic-bag method for the long runs out to the panels - just not covered this week. And lube. It definitely helps.

However, posting on that may be delayed, perhaps indefinitely, if Google doesn’t fix their Blogger interface. It’s literally unusable on most of my hardware at this point (they forced the new interface and it now requires a quite modern computer to actually edit any text if you have more than a photo or two in the post).