Solar Shed: Part 10: Interior Work

Construction posts about my off grid Solar Shed are nearly done - there’s just a bit of interior work remaining before the bulk of the work is finished!

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2016-07-23 by Mike Halcrow

I swear to god, that’s the desk I had when I was in college.

2016-07-23 by Russell Graves

Early 2000s? I’ve had mine since then. It’s been taken apart and put together somewhere around 12 times, and just keeps working. For something made of particleboard, I’m very, very impressed.

2016-07-25 by Mike Halcrow

2016-07-25 by Mike Halcrow

Yup, early 2000s. I recall there was some center piece that I used to elevate the monitor. Over time I scratched the hell out of the surface, and then eventually I ended up getting rid of it as I moved around and downsized to a desk with a smaller footprint.

2016-07-27 by Ned Funnell

Nice! I put some of the same LED strips in the kitchen under the cabinets. Works great!

2016-08-29 by Unknown

Nice to see a fellow New Mexican has already done this :slight_smile: