Solar Shed Part 15: Surviving the Winter (Heating)

Winter is a cold time of the year - and in my solar powered office, the lack of sun in the winter can pose some serious problems for keeping the place warm.  Even with good insulation, I need some heat!

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2017-06-06 by dude mcginty

Another delightful read. Winter in June, eh? So, what part of the southern hemisphere are you in? jk…I know you’re in the US.

2017-06-06 by Russell Graves

I generally post things a good while after I’ve done them.

2017-10-26 by Unknown

Have you considered 48V DC mini split? I saw this recently 48 Volt DC Solar Air Conditioner - YouTube Might it be more efficient?

2017-10-26 by Russell Graves

Briefly, but the cost on those units (and the cooling capacity) is radically higher than I need for my office. My unit is about 2/3rds the performance (8000-ish BTU) for a fraction the cost (I paid around $600, but they’re down to about $450 now). The mini split units I’ve seen, especially the DC ones, are a few grand, and require professional installation with vacuum pumps and the like. I’m certain they’d improve the heat losses in my office in the winter, but I’m not convinced the cost difference would ever pay off. I can keep it reasonable enough in here without too much trouble, though I’m planning to build an insulating enclosure for my wall unit this year (a foam cover to help insulate it better).