Solar Shed Part 18: Resolving Water Ingress

I haven’t posted much about my office lately, simply because there just hasn’t been much to post.  It works - very, very well.  I have most of the quirks worked out, I stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry in the rain.  Except, my office wasn’t always dry, and it took me a few years to realize this.

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2019-10-14 by Aaron

How might you test? Just use a garden hose on a firm (but not hurricane type) spray and spray it down solidly for a few minutes over each spot and check for water ingress on the side and corners and such?

2019-10-14 by Lachesis

Thanks for the update on the solar shed. I’m excited to hear more about this battery trailer situation. :slight_smile: I’d also love to see your wall-mounted monitors and some general updated photos of the interior. Particularly curious about your small-space organization system for tools, parts, batteries, etc etc.

2019-10-14 by Russell Graves

Typically I just wait for it to rain with a south wind. This explains why it’s been such a long standing problem - those conditions are fairly rare.

2019-10-14 by Russell Graves

I’ve posted some interior photos a while back. It hasn’t changed that much since then. Just a corner with a lot of monitors. It’s actually a pain to get my office cleaned up enough for photos…

I have wall mounted storage containers from Home Depot or such that I use for small parts, and batteries tend to remain in boxes until used.