Solar Shed: Part 5: Roof Insulation

If you’re new here and wondering what this is all about, I’m documenting my build of a solar powered off grid office built from a Tuff-Shed - in many detailed steps.  Last week, I insulated the walls.  This week, I insulate the ceiling!

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2018-10-29 by Minnowonsay

Thank you. This made me laugh and was very encouraging. Now I know all the things not to do!

2020-06-27 by Unknown

I am looking to cover similar size ceiling. How much did the rock wool cost you. I don’t know how many rolls to buy. They are £45 in wickes. Bit expensive

2020-08-09 by MV

Well, I went with the evil fiberglass for the walls and suffered through the weekend with coughing and sinus trouble, but that part is done. I’m on to the ceiling and I am planning on 3.5 in wide by 12 ft runs of pine t & g. Since nothing goes between the batting and the pine, was just going to hold it in place with twine runs and remove them as I go. PS - I’m not “off the grid” but am finishing out the inside of a tuff shed studio.

2020-08-09 by MV

I assume the extra 2 inch rigid insulation is to make it all super efficient? I went with the evil fiberglass bats for the walls and suffered the weekend for it. I am using open bats for the ceiling. I also plan on having modest power for an ambient air “flow through” heater.

2020-08-13 by Russell Graves

More or less, yes. Since I’m heated and cooled off grid, I wanted to go with a bit more than the average insulation. That, plus the aluminium insulation tape, makes a pretty air tight enclosure on the inside. It doesn’t take much to heat, and in the summer, the sun beating down is easily defeated with my air conditioner.