Termination Shock - Neal Stephenson

Read it. Liked it. Man, it’s concept dense. And unlike previous novels he doesn’t spend pages detailing stuff you could google. He just writes it.

The tl;dr - texas (low billions) billionaire decides to fix climate change with geoengineering. The world is mildly post modern. ‘Termination shock’ is what happens after a project is suddenly terminated.

The pile of topics is pretty big. In some order (but by no means definitive or arranged in order) …

climate adaptation
hybrid / 5th generation warfare
social media/panopticon/et al
lowland countries (back to adaptation)
beavers (and aviation)
cultural changes in the near future
international relations in the near future and subsequent geopolitical shifts

Lots and lots of other things. Random (maybe relevant) ‘that was cool’ projects are mentioned. Like I said, it’s just concept dense and I feel it’s something I want to talk about.

Overall it was ‘okay’ as a novel - I don’t like how he tried to wrap it up. But it’s near future sci-fi dense for sure.