The 200th Post Reflections

In news that’s likely just as surprising to some of you as it is to me, this post is the 200th post on my blog - slightly over 4 years after starting it.  I’ve written extensively about a wide range of topics, and, surprisingly, haven’t run out of stuff to say yet - despite nearly 600,000 words written!

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2019-04-30 by freak fantom

Thank you. Amazing blog, hard to find similar content online. Please, add crypto addresses for donations.

2019-04-30 by Russell Graves

I’m not that up on the various modern cryptocurrencies, sorry. If you want to donate crypto, just ping me with the contact form. The only thing I’m set up for currently is Bitcoin, and… I’d have to dust off some old stuff to figure out how to get that current.

2019-09-05 by Unknown

You, sir, are my new hero.This is exactly the sort of thing I spend most of my free time on, sans much of a desire to write about it though. I’m reading the posts en masse after google steered me here for your excellent 20v Dewalt teardown (and analysis). I particularly agree/like the bit about the physical rfkill/camera kill switches, the written vs verbal format (I did NOT want to watch some guy spend 10 minutes about opening up his battery), and very much approve of breathing new life to ancient hardware.

On your Asus netbook project, you mentioned updating the BIOS, but you should really look into fixing the BIOS yourself (if you don’t already). For someone of your skillset it’s trivially eason to fix things like the flaky power management support and quite a bit more. I find myself spending far too much time fixing 10 year old Dell and HP bioses (I usually try to do everything: unlock any hidden options, update microcode/option roms/drivers, fix all ACPI tables and misc other things) but many times just running the DSDT through the iasl decompiler and recompiling it is enough to bring noticeable improvement to performance, feature set, and stability.

I would bet the stutter is interrupt related , and for Chrome to get decent video performance on Linux there’s always 5 or 6 flags that have to be enabled for virtually every install I’ve ever done. I’ve heard network admins say that it’s “always the DNS that’s the problem”… for firmware hackers, it’s always the DSDT.

2019-09-06 by Russell Graves

I certainly could do that level of work on it, though I’m not sure I’d really gain much. It’s a light utility and writing laptop for the most part.

Glad you like the various projects, though! I feel like a holdout as everyone goes to video, but there are certainly at least a few people who still like text and photos. Most of my realtime communication these days is on IRC with other people who like that sort of stuff…