The Best USB Power Supply I've Found Yet: A Home Depot Surge Protector!

Sometimes, “smart” isn’t the right answer.  Sometimes, dumb brute force is the right answer to a problem - and I’ve been having problems with USB power lately.  Over the past year, playing around with Raspberry Pi 3s and Jetson Nanos, I’ve learned that they can be very, very power hungry beasties, and most USB power supplies will sag out when you really crank up the load.  The official Raspberry Pi power supply will keep up, but most other USB power supplies struggle and sag if you load them up quickly.

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2019-05-28 by Cameron

This is great! It just goes to show that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. I think I’ll be getting a few (or more than a few - it looks like I can get a six-pack on eBay for $30 shipped). How is it possible for the manufacturer/designer/etc. to actually make a profit at that price though?

2019-05-28 by Russell Graves

I have absolutely no idea, but it probably involves making a few hundred thousand of them (or more). Let me know how they work out for you!

2019-06-02 by renewableenergyspace

Great blog. Thanks. Was hoping that each USB would have 3 amps, then they could both be used to power the Jetson Nano onboard socket (not the usb power). Great that you tore it all apart and answered possible questions.

2019-06-19 by Cameron

I bought the six-pack, and am currently using most of them. So far they work great!