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Well, after a few months of break and pondering, I’ve decided that, yes, I do miss having a blog platform. And, given that, plus some time off over the normal winter shutdown, I decided to actually get off my rear and figure things out. Which, you may notice, I have!

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This is absolutely slick to be honest. A detailed walkthrough would be valuable - I’d like to imitate without the forum (likely).

I’ll be doing that at some point here. It’s a somewhat complex process, tbh. Rough outline:

  • Use the Jekyll blogger import script to translate the XML to pages (in HTML).
  • Script converting the HTML to MD - which is a bit tricky, as you can’t mangle the front matter. I split the files into two, converted the HTML, and re-merged stuff.
  • Process the front matter to give a redirect-from URL, handle some image processing for thumbnails, etc.
  • Process images so that they’re in the proper format for the responsive resized stuff I’m using.
  • Fix links within the blog (which I’ve not yet done) so they’re not bouncing through the original domain.

Give it a few weeks and I’ll have the process written up. M1 silicon stuff is more interesting ATM.

Oh that’s the whole conversion - I was mainly thinking about the Jekyll/ :cloud: side for new posts.


Jekyll is Jekyll, read the docs.

Cloud hosting: Shove the files in Google Cloud Storage Buckets. And then, as an added bonus, use Cloudflare to front it, because it’s cheaper to push data to CF than out to the internet by a large factor, and a free CF account still caches stuff.

I’ll write it up, but I’ve been doing static content hosting on Google Cloud for a while, so it’s just… set it up. It’s like hosting on S3, but marginally less evil.

Is there an easy way to get to the forum from the blog? Currently I go to the most recent post and scroll down - I’m horrible at bookmarks and remembering domains.

No, but that’s something worth adding - thanks for the suggestion!

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