The cobble: good for shoes, bad for steel mills

Per an earlier discussion, a steel mill ‘cobble’. Or as I like to call it, the silly-string-of-doom.

Keep in mind the diameter of bar involved might weigh possibly tens of pounds per foot, so this is just as likely to crush you as it is to melt through you like a lightsaber.

Well that’s bloody well terrifying! Looks like something out of a video game, not a steel mill.

Whoa! Hope they wore their brown pants…cause that’s what that all looks like! That’s crazy to see. Most of us never realize truly how much we produce and work with large quantities of molten metals, or the size of metal things we work with. We’re used to the largest thing we interact with daily is the big rig rolling down the road next to us. And those are TINY compared to the numerous things us humans use daily.

Oh I wish I had found this video first. A much better description of what is happening:

They talk like that’s a normal occurrence! Nevermind it’s a literal ton of molten metal, get it cleaned up before it damages the mill!