The Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival

This has come up in conversation with a few people recently.

It’s been my general roadmap for the decline of the American Not-An-Empire for a while now, and so far, seems to be a far better guide than a lot of other things one might consider!

I was thinking about this one again lately, and wondering why it hasn’t taken off more than it has. There’s plenty of good media out there that goes unappreciated, but I am curious why this essay in particular doesn’t seem to get discussed much. I may go looking for some critiques to see if there are shortcomings I’m blind to.

It spits in the face of the popular secular “Religion of Progress” that says humanity is “From the caves, to the stars, via the path preferred by current progressives!” Ignoring that that preferred path tends to weathervane around an awful lot, and this model doesn’t match the history of humanity in the slightest… but it does make you feel pretty good about yourself!

It’s been my roadmap and things like Trump didn’t really surprise me as a result, other than how soon they showed up.