The Triumvirate: Coal, Iron, and Steam

An excellent writeup on the early history of steam power in the UK in the early industrial revolution!

Turns out, this is a later article in a series from this blog:

It’s a great series, he’s going to follow up with James Watt and the consequences of his work in the next episodes, it seems. Nice find, thanks!

Looks very well written and researched!

In that same vein, I’ve really enjoyed this Youtube channel, “Machine Thinking”, he’s done a lot on the history of machine tools, the origin of precision measurements, and other topics from the industrial revolution that have been so integrated into modern life that you forget someone had to figure it out the first time:

Nice find Josh, do you know if there are article formats of those videos for those of us who don’t like watching videos?

The guy who puts together the videos does have a website, and it looks like he has occasional articles about his sources and topics related to the videos, but it appears that for the video content he just links the videos in a post, nothing in article form.