Thinkpad T430S IPS Screen Upgrade

If you have a ThinkPad T420/T420S/T430/T430S laptop, I have great news for you: You can replace the screen with something that doesn’t suck!  It’s a bit of moderately deep laptop surgery, but it’s doable!

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2019-02-10 by Megabytephreak

The main chip on the adapter board is neither a microcontroller or FPGA. Instead it is a dedicated ASIC for the purpose. They are available in both DP to LVDS and LVDS to DP versions. This one it likely a NCS8801 based on the pin count. The other 20-pin QFN is probably a microcontroller used to configure the ASIC.

I’ve annotated your photo with the probable functions of the chips. Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

There are some interesting upgrades for the X230 series as well, although I know some of them steal the DP links from the dock connector which I would be loathe to give up.

2019-02-10 by Russell Graves

Wow, thanks - that’s very useful! I may update my post with some of that. I couldn’t find part #s on the IC through the insulation and didn’t want to rip it off.

2019-02-11 by Aaron

I upgraded my T440s virtual trackpoint “buttons” (ugh) to real ones a little while ago. Yay! Found the instructions at Fitting physical TrackPoint buttons to a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s – Cameron Gray and found an appropriate trackpad on ebay as recommended. A bit of a PITA, but a little while later works great in both Windows and FreeBSD after a little tweaking of settings in FreeBSD :slight_smile:

2019-03-13 by Unknown

Where can I get one of these Adapters, as well as a 1080p IPS for my T430?
I can’t seem to find one for my machine on eBay to easily.

2019-03-13 by Unknown

Where can I get an IPS LCD for my Lenovo Thinkpad T430, as well as one of these eDP adapters? Thanks in advance

2019-03-13 by Russell Graves

There are some forums that list them for sale, but you should probably just keep an eye on eBay and look for sellers there.

2019-04-06 by Unknown

I did the same to my T420s!

2019-04-06 by Russell Graves

Nice! It really is a massive difference!

2019-09-28 by Unknown

I’ve been absolutely scouring the internet for what feels like weeks now for something like this. I have a laptop with a 1920x1200 monitor with a 30-pin LVDS and I’ve been searching everywhere for a way to convert it to something else, maybe 30-pin eDP. This is the closest thing I’ve seen so far. Does anyone know where I can find what I’m looking for?

2020-01-04 by Unknown

Got an aliexpress kit with the little converter board and a 1920x1080 IPS and installed it in under 2 hours. Probably overpaid for USD110, but it breath new life in my good old T430s. Thanks for this post.

2020-04-14 by Anonymous

Why would you have to take off the wifi and aux antennas? Is that really necessary? I need my wifi for connecting the internet and I just don’t want to use an external wifi adapter. Is it because you need space for the adapter?

2020-04-14 by Russell Graves

You don’t have to remove the antennas. You need to detach the cables to get the case open enough to do what’s needed - they get reconnected putting it back together!

2020-04-21 by Benny

Just to clarify, so I end up buying the correct one from the start, are the number of pins on the controller board supposed to be a 40 pin input and a 30 pin output?

2020-06-20 by Unknown

Can the lcd backlight control function normally in windows (7/10) after the lcd upgrade? It seems sometimes ago, similar lcd upgrade resulted backlight control stop function.

2020-07-18 by Nofash

I bought the Aliexpress Saniter kit. Quite expensive and had to pay some customs duty to import into the UK, but arrived quickly and had everything included - even some tools.
No problem fitting and is 98% perfect. I knock off 1% as screen could be a bit brighter overall, and 1% because very occasionally (say one time in twenty) the screen fails to start on boot up. Something to do with the state of battery charge and whether the charger is active. I can’t quite pin it down, but remove the charger lead and it re-starts OK.
Slight light edge bleed is visible on black screen but never noticed in real use. Overall improvement is vast. Makes my old T430 as good as a modern laptop. Very pleased!!