UE Mini Boom Teardown

I’ve not found a great teardown of a UE Mini Boom - and, especially, nothing talking about battery replacement.  The Mini Boom is an older Bluetooth speaker that was quite popular some while back - and they’re not particularly well documented.  So, of course, I ripped into mine.

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Very cool to see someon take it apart, peeled a little back when grate fell off but the saw it’s more than I want to do. Agree, awesome speaker but a pain to take apart upgrade/replace battery

“Huh? There’s no teardown?” is the sort of thing I strive to resolve when I can!

I don’t still own this though. I gave it to someone who had a habit of putting music on via their cell phone speaker, and it was so painful to listen to that I gave them this one so it at least had some slightly tolerable speakers.