Ural Gear Up: Cracked seat post repair and doubling up rubber supports

I’ve got a 2005 Ural Gear Up - and I noticed towards the end of last fall that my seat was getting really, really soft and bouncy on rough gravel roads.  On top of that, I was having to hold myself forward or I’d go sliding off the back.  Clearly, this isn’t how things are designed to work - so I investigated!

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2017-03-27 by Aaron

I was going to say I’m a bit surprised he didn’t sand-blast the paint off before doing the weld. Then I remembered you said he had years and years of experience. Probably took him all of 3 minutes, and I’m sure he’s breathed in worse stuff than a tiny bit of paint blasted into aerosal from the weld.

But you really should paint those welds, especially since you drive in all weather. It’ll start to rust up and probably end up becoming the weak point again eventually.

That seat concept does seem remarkably primitive…but something you can easily fix yourself and find rubber replacement if for some reason you’re in the middle of nowhere. Say, some tightly rolled up leather scraps if you happened to have some around. Or a brick if you don’t. Much harder ride, but you’ll get there. Simpler often is much better.

2017-03-27 by Russell Graves

He’s been doing welding for a good bit longer than I’ve been alive, so I wasn’t inclined to second guess things.

I really should sandblast and paint them. I agree. I’ll probably do that this summer.