Uraling Through the Winter

In October 2016, I bought a Ural.  Specifically, a 2005 Ural Gear-Up.  This is one of the 2WD models, and it comes with pretty much all the various gizmos - shovel, spotlight, fluid container, machine gun mount, spare tire, rear rack… just about everything you could need!

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2017-03-21 by Richard

Just amazing, great looking bike and sidecar, well it’s all one so I’m technically wrong but who gives a .

2017-03-21 by redlegsrides

Good summation of pros/cons of Ural ownership.

2017-03-21 by Russell Graves

Expect at least a few more esoteric Ural posts in the future. It’s spectacularly fun to ride, but does tend a bit maintenance intensive at certain points.

2017-03-21 by Russell Graves

Thanks. Far too many people expect it to behave like a motorcycle for some reason.

I intend to drag this all about southwest Idaho and surrounding states!

2017-03-22 by Ned Funnell

Would you consider an electric conversion?

2017-03-22 by Russell Graves

Not so long as the engine and transmission are in good shape. If they fail on me at some point, yes, an electric conversion is something I would consider. All wheel drive and regen braking…

2017-03-23 by Ned Funnell

It would made a good candidate for conversion, I think! Lots of room for hardware. My motorcycle was build on a frame intended for the Thai market, so there is not so much room for things like chargers or cargo after the batteries are onboard.