Video Game Review: YIMBY Barrel Composter Assembly (FeelyVR)

It’s rare that I sit down with some of the new tactile virtual reality video games (“FeelyVR”), but an evening a few weeks ago, I had time to play through “YIMBY Barrel Composter Assembly” by YIMBY.  I wired the headset up so I could take screenshots, and I had a tape recorder taking notes while I played through so I could do my writeup below.

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2019-03-09 by David

Did you get the expansion game that allows you to make compost in the bin with food scraps? What kind of challenges did that present?

2019-03-13 by Russell Graves

Turns out, the barrel composter just doesn’t work at all for the dry desert climate I have. I’ve got some large bins I built (documented elsewhere on the blog) that I’m using now.

2019-03-16 by David

I currently have one bin made from 3 broken pallets for the fixed side and fence stakes to hold front boards up. Works fine for yard waste, but I want to do something more enclosed for food scraps. I had an end over end barrel that we used for a few years (got it second hand) but the axle rusted through. I’ll probably just figure out a way to fix that, but like the idea of separate compartments for adding new material and removing finished compost.