Web Hackers vs the Auto Industry

whimpers It can’t have been that bad, right? They had competent people, right? They wouldn’t have just left web APIs wide open to do everything to the car, right?

Haha. They did.

Just some highlights from various makers…

Can we please stop with the connected shit? :frowning: This isn’t news, it’s just more expensive IoS devices.

I wonder how badly I’d get laughed out of dealerships if I went in and looked at the EVs, but said I’d only buy one with the cell modem removed before it left the lot…

I still want a Bolt EV but maaaan…

Likely depends entirely on the dealership. (Except Tesla, who would surely tell you to pound sand.)

Before the supply-chain charlie-foxtrot, a Toyota GR86 was on my short list. There is a guy on the independent owner forum who made disconnecting the cellular modem a condition of the sale. The dealer had no problem doing that, and last I read he has had no difficulties getting service or using the car.

EV’s may be more connected to corporation-controlled remote computers (“the cloud” :face_vomiting:) so it may be harder. But I think it will still be possible for a few more years. At least until everything becomes a subscription… :roll_eyes: