Welcome to Conversation!

Welcome to Conversation - my attempt at a return to the old days of the internet, when discussions weren’t driven by “algorithms” driving “engagement,” when it was more than just a sport to fire off the snarkest, quickest response for upvotes, and when people actually had good discussions.

Bring up topics - and then actually discuss them. In long form!

I’d like to discourage short responses when possible. Please, think things through and have the conversation. It’s as good for you as for other people to be in the habit of working through various ways of thinking!

I feel like I’ve been transported to the days before the Eternal September. I’m not sure who any of you are yet, but I think we’ll have some things in common…


Perhaps not quite that far back, but, yes, one of the goals here is for something that retains that which is useful of the old internet, while avoiding the modern “innovations” that are really just advertising conduits disguised as something useful.

I’ve no particular interest in scaling this concept, and I’m working on how to use the internet on relatively little computing power in the process. It’s a weird place, but hopefully you find some interesting conversations, or feel free to start your own!

Scaling is some post 2005-era stuff that I have less and less interest in these days :smiley: