ZB206+ Battery Tester

I bought this unit from eBay as a DC 5V USB Battery Capacity Tester / Battery Life / Internal Resistance Analyzer![](upload://7deHyOpyYpwRN6MqUFGRg2hexWs.gif).  It’s a ZH-YU ZB106+ v1.3, and it’s still available from a variety of sources.

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2016-07-01 by SarahC

Where on earth did you get the little socket for the 4 wire test?

I’m using crocodile clips for now. =/

2016-07-02 by Russell Graves

Sarah -

I’m using a connector that isn’t quite right on my test rig, but I have a bunch of the proper connectors now.

Search eBay for something like: XH2.54 2Pin Connector Kit pitch 2.5mm Pin

Or ping me via the contact form in the right column and I can toss a few in an envelope and send them your way. I had to order a lot…

2016-07-03 by Unknown

Hi Russell. I ordered three of these as well and they work a treat. Your guide is awesome, had no idea you can disable the beeper. I’m wondering if this unit would be better and data logging the amp/hour reading at the end of the test. Great work your doing here look forward to reading all your previous posts

2016-07-03 by Russell Graves

Of the capacity meters I’ve tested, this is the one that gets all the use at this point. I don’t bother using the others anymore.

2016-11-02 by Unknown

Aliexpress has the 12v version for $6.69

2017-04-01 by Unknown

Thank U for your information. It is very helpful to me.
For IR mode, 4 wire harness is necessary. What is “4 wire harness”?
connect “Bat+” with “bV+” to the (+) of test battery, connect “Bat-” with “bV-” to the (-) of test battery?

2017-04-02 by Russell Graves

Do a search for “4 wire battery testing” and you’ll get more information.

Basically, you separate out the voltage sensing wires from the current wires. There will be some voltage loss across the current carrying wires, and in 2 wire mode, the tester only sees the voltage at the tester terminals. With a 4 wire setup, there are two additional wires that go to the ends of the battery - so they can report the voltage right at the battery terminals.

Any good battery test harness or holder should have these wires.

2017-05-30 by Llama Spit

The connector for the 4-wire measurement is a JST-XH 2.5mm 2-pin. It’s the 2-wire version of the standard JST-XH Balance connector on every single Lithium pack. Easy to get… http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=JST+XH+2.5+2-Pin+&_sacat=0 HOWEVER, the standard wiring has the Pos and Neg reversed. So, remove the connectors from the shell and swap them over.

2017-09-05 by Unknown

OK I bought one of these to test some scrap 18650’s and after I ordered it I luckily found this page.

Question I’m testing and old 5v power bank and as it cycles thru the LEDs under volts it says 5.17u. Not sure what the “u” stands for.

2017-09-05 by Russell Graves

The “u” is a very poorly rendered “V” - it means volts.

2017-09-06 by Unknown

Got it.

Any thoughts on the Fan control. I have read the small pad on top of the 5v to 12v boost converter was +5V and then I would connect the negative to the F- hole. I just happen to have a few 1" 5v fans.

2017-09-06 by Russell Graves

That sounds about right. I don’t use the fan on mine - I’ve got other testers I use for higher current loads.

2017-09-07 by Unknown

For my first run I set it for .200 Ah and felt a little heat testing . Next test I bumped it up to .500 and it was getting pretty warm. Almost too warm to hold comfortably.

And like I said I already have the perfect little fan.

2017-10-17 by Unknown

Thank you for this write up!! I have 4 of them and was trying to get them into the other modes and just could not till i read your post.
Thanks you tons. :slight_smile:

2017-10-17 by Unknown

just a note the fan is set to run at 12 volts. That may seem like a no brainer but before i ordered 4 up i just had to check.

2018-04-23 by Pawel

Anyone know of a the real world watt limit/discharge amps with a fan?

2018-04-24 by SuperBrainAK

Hello This is SuperBrainAK on youtube, I have 6 of these units for a cell discharger, I was wondering if you knew how to calibrate these? one of them is only off by 4.6% but getting that to 1% would be nice. thanks alot! ill be sure to share it with youtube also, with credit to you of course!

2018-04-28 by Russell Graves

Theoretically it will tolerate 8.5V and 2.6A, though I haven’t tested it up there. That’s a good bit of power for the somewhat crappy heatsink, and I don’t use this unit for my high draw stuff - I have some higher power units (still need to review them) for that sort of work.

2018-04-28 by Russell Graves

I’m sorry, I don’t know the details on calibrating them. I haven’t found details on how to get into the calibration mode and I don’t really read Chinese.

2018-09-04 by thehotstuff

Hello, sorry for my bad english… For you is more accurate this one or the ZB2L3 v2.0 ZHIYU?

2018-09-04 by Russell Graves

I don’t use the ZB2L3 anymore. I use this and other related units.

2018-09-04 by thehotstuff

Well, other unit I suppose much expensive. I need this tester to make some order in my various battery.

2019-09-11 by Unknown

What are the connector pins you have used to connect the battery into the screw (KF301) connector?

2019-09-11 by Russell Graves

They’re just screw terminals. You don’t need any particular pins.

2020-03-18 by Llama Spit

Instructions to calibrate are on this webpage:
Tom's Electronics Pages
I have not tested this, just sharing the link with you guys :slight_smile:

2020-03-19 by Llama Spit

The testing holder is from Ebay, AliExpress, etc. There are 5A and 10A versions, but the 5A is probably good enough for a small tester like ZB206. You can find these holders by search of your local eBay website using the following search terms (include the quote marks exactly as shown):

2020-04-20 by Probablymyname

Hey, i have a question. I have bought one of these. I have built my own test holder. How big resistance value is acceptable on this test holder? I have measured around 50-60 mOhm (battery itself has 65 mOhm and measured through this test holder shows around 105-115 mOhm). Is it ok, or too big? And, if i wanted to make it four-wire, how should i do it? Do i just add another set of wires to the existing setup and connect them to the tester terminal or do i need to use some “magic”? Also, sorry for bad english, it’s not my native language.