Roomba i7+ Clean Base Teardown

It’s been a little while since I did my Roomba i7 teardown, which must mean it’s time for another Roomba related teardown!  This week, I’m diving into the “clean base” - the big vacuum base gizmo that sucks dust out of the bin, automating a lot of the cleaning process.  Plus, this base sits far better on carpet than the normal docking station - so what’s inside?  Quite a bit!

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2020-01-03 by gtaylor

Mine just died for similar reasons, but isn’t scorched. I’m hoping drying it out will fix it. If you’d like pics of the board (not fried) for reference, let me know. Too bad they don’t sell the board.

2020-01-03 by gtaylor

that completely toasted component was a 15a fuse, mine appears to have failed more gracefully.

2020-01-04 by Russell Graves

Good to know. I’ve shipped the board to someone with some time on their hands to mess with it - it’ll be interesting to see what happens. If you wanted to link a good photo or two of that corner, I’ll make sure he sees it!

2020-03-04 by Scoutmaster Jack

Thanks for the surgery. I have a clean base that is being replaced under warranty (only 2 days old). The lever that the wedge pushes on, driving the vacuum outlet into the bag broke. Not sure how. Actually wonder if I got a refurbished base because I never touched this lever.

2020-04-02 by Unknown

Mine clean base just stopped working. The board looks fine no burnt places or wet. They said it was one month out of warranty so the just sent me a plain charger. I will not buy another one of their products I paid $1,400.00 for that thing the i7 does fine it is the base. Can they be checked or repaired?

2020-09-13 by Unknown

Can you confirm that the charging prongs should be putting out about 20V



2020-09-18 by Unknown

I have an stl if you want it to seal the vacuum output from the rest of the uniy

2020-09-18 by Unknown

check the purple “glass” piece for dust on the back

Images of burnt bit

Just noticed though … its a slightly different layout.

Fingers crossed, solder, plug in and hope for best, tactic that got a man to the moon :slight_smile:

Another bit

@Floggedhorse - Welcome! Thanks for the good shots! Why is yours in pieces, out of curiosity?

Got my first i7 without a base unit (junior) … So I bought two 2nd hand in a auction, one has taken over from junior downstairs, 2nd one was suppose to upgrade junior but appears to be melted on the ac to dc conversion (Yellow bit and chips to right of picture above). Do or don’t I is this question, looking a £30 in parts then no guarantee? To bad our Chinese friends don’t make board copies :frowning:

Sorry, which parts in particular do you think have failed? The black goop on the inductor in the top picture is just some sealant to keep it from whining in operation, and I don’t actually see anything else suspect except for the capacitor to the left of the transformer - that one looks a bit toast.

:grin: Sorry, they where pictures of my good board, should have said. Below is a picture of the frazzled one … its been on my desk, to allow myself to ponder, should I or shouldn’t I?

I’m thinking my time would be better spent elsewhere

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The question is always, “What caused the damage?”

What’s fried isn’t always what’s actually the root cause.

I’m less than happy with how robust Roombas are, so I’d say probably don’t bother…

Discussing this gives me an idea…ping!
I could buy a cheap charge station, gut it and the clean base (CB), incorporate the charger element and homing element into the CB. Then mount a 13amp switch on the side of the CB to manually operate the vacuum? It would at least suffice for upstairs.

At that point, just use the cheap charge base and empty the thing manually. Not like you don’t have to clean the filter and remove crap from the rollers constantly anyway…

I bought slightly damaged clean base and partially it works. It’s charging but it doesn’t emptying the bin. After I looked at the Pcb one diode (TO-220) was missing (the one under heatsink). Can someone check it out and let me know what was it?

Hi could you take a picture from r9 or, could you do me the favor of taking the value of the resistor R9 with a multimeter. to be able to repair mine, I got the rest on aliexpress

HI I have a new clean base from the USA 110V and i am in South Africa and we use 220V and the rumba charges and works 100% just the base to not switch on the motor 110v Versus 220v any suggestions.

will the motherboard be the same?

Get a transformer to convert your 220 to 110? I’m pretty sure the motor is labeled 110V in the US version, it won’t run long if at all on 240.

Thank you for this post. I learned a lot from your post while my robot vacuum cleaner is ABIR R30 and the seller was asking me to unplug the vacuum sensor tube to resolve the full dust bag red led always on after each suction while bag is empty. He wrote ;
《《 by the way, for new robot, pls disconnect this tube before using robot, how to disconnect tube , pls refer to this link: 拔掉气管 R30 - YouTube. 》》
What I’m thinking that either he knows nothing about this tube or he is trying to bypass the sensor to fool after sale warranty service .
I did as he said light turns green and found that now it makes suction for much longer time than before. And I don’t know if it will turn red when dust bag is full.
I need your advise with this issue. What he ment with 《for new robot》.

I have absolutely no idea how that robot behaves, and I’m in the process of getting rid of my Roomba, so… sorry. Maybe someone else will have some useful advice.

I would expect disabling the “bag full” sensor to mean that it wouldn’t detect a full bag, though.

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It’s BTA420X-800BT (3Q Hi-Com Triac).